Complex Insurance Coverage & Litigation


American corporations are known for careful, studied, and mostly successful risk taking. One of the ways corporations manage risk is by contracting it out. Corporations commonly purchase highly sophisticated insurance policies that cover theft, errors, omissions, environmental mishaps, and even claims that officers and directors incurred liability in corporate governance.
Each year, billions of dollars are paid by insurers to businesses to cover legitimate claims. Attorneys are essential to this process, and are often called upon to provide interpretation and opinions about exposure and coverage. When disputes over interpretation and coverage arise – as they sometimes do – attorneys are retained by each side to provide advocacy and support in a process that inevitably leads to resolution.
Robb Leonard Mulvihill has been retained by some of the largest insurance companies in the world to assist on coverage questions. Our attorneys are also commonly retained on behalf of corporations to litigate the facts, circumstances, mishaps, and even misunderstandings that lead to exposure.
Representing companies in the area of complex insurance and coverage requires, as a rule, exceptional attorneys who are then willing to make the extra effort to master the unique issues that arise in this field. Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys practice in the fields of Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Errors and Omissions, Fidelity and Surety Law, Environmental Coverage and Arson and Fraud.