Professional Liability


There is a unique sort of person who subjects his or her training, decision making, creativity, and skill to scrutiny each day. These persons are called professionals. Architects, engineers, lawyers, and doctors engage in activities that change landscapes, skylines, fortunes, and lives.
The rewards of being a professional are great, both financial and personal. The risks, too, are great, because difficult decisions are sometimes subjected to second guessing.
Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys are commonly retained by professionals. We take pride in representing other attorneys in Legal Malpractice cases, and doctors in Medical Malpractice actions, and Architects, Contractors and Engineers when issues and disputes arise in construction and development. Our lawyers also represent professionals in administrative proceedings such as Professional Licensing Litigation before the Pennsylvania Department of State.
Successful representation of professional clients requires detailed knowledge of the evolving law, and the skill and insight accumulated over years of trying cases. Robb Leonard Mulvihill attorneys bring such skill and insight to their role as professionals who are retained by professionals.